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Adhesive transfer tape

Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner: Release paper
Description: High adhesion Adhesive transfer tape is finished by coating Acrylic on Release paper Single side directly
Adhesion: > 800 g/25mm
Total thickness(withoutRelease liner): 0.03 mm ~ 0.11 mm (Custom)
Feature: ■ SR17 series Acrylic has excellent Three high performance (initial strength, adhesion, retention). Excellent tensile properties of the adhesive layer, which can effectively reduce the overflow of adhesive and wire drawing during die cutting
■ S13 series Acrylic, harder colloid, with high cohesion and temperature resistance, it can effectively reduce the problem of adhesive overflow and wire drawing when processing die cutting
■ S07 series adhesive, soft gel, with high initial strength and high adhesion, suitable for foam bonding
■ Sandwich type can be customized
Applications: ■Adhesive transfer tape should pay attention to the following
-The generation of static electricity when the list is attached to the volume will cause the release failure
-The end face is prone to overflow adhesive when slitting
-It needs to be stored in the constant temperature list to avoid adhesive overflow in the later period
■ Adhesive for general conventional materials
■ Can replace 3M 467
TY No. TY W001, TY W006
Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner:  Release paper
Description: Adhesive transfer tape with mesh adhesive surface is coated with Acrylic on the release paper single surface of the mesh
Adhesion: > 800 g/25mm
Total thickness(withoutRelease liner): 0.03 mm ~ 0.11 mm (Custom)
Feature: ■Textured surface design, with excellent exhaust effect, bubble prevents convex hull and makes the bonding more smooth
■ The grid-like adhesive surface is very suitable for bonding and laminating in a large area
Applications: ■ Suitable for large-area lamination
■ Applications Laminate parts that have high requirements on flatness
■ Can replace 3M 9617
TY No. TY W003-Y
Adhesive: Conductive adhesive
Release liner: Release paper
Description: Conductivity Adhesive transfer tape is coated with Conductivity Adhesive on the Single side of Release paper
Adhesion: > 800 g/25mm
Total thickness(withoutRelease liner): 0.03 mm ~ 0.1 mm (Custom)
Feature: ■ N67 series adhesive has high initial strength and adhesion
■ Good Conductive performance, resistance value <0.05Ω (not including customized Thickness)
■ Isotropic Conductive Glue
■ Color and Thickness of the adhesive layer can be customized
Applications: ■ Adhesives for conventional Conductive materials, such as Foil, Conductive cloth, Conductive tissue, Conductive foam, etc
TY No. TY E005-C
Adhesive: Flame retardant adhesive
Release liner: Release paper
Description: Flame retardant Adhesive transfer tape is coated with Flame retardant adhesive on the one side of release paper
Adhesion: > 500 g/25mm
Total thickness(withoutRelease liner): 0.11 mm (Custom)
Feature: ■ Environment-friendly Flame retardant adhesive (without halogen)
■ Passed UL94 certification, Flame retardant level reaches VTM-0
Applications: ■ General Conventional Flame retardant material adhesive, such as Flame retardantPET, PI/Kapton, aramid paper/Nomex, etc
TY No. TY W101-HF