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Toyotape Materials Co., Ltd.
Jimei Industrial Park No.18

Mr. Xiao: 185-596-77928


     Toyotape Materials Co., Ltd. was established in March 2020 and is located in Jimei Industrial Park, Xiamen City, Fujian Province. It is a leading supplier of acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesives and tape production and sales.

     At present, there are 5 list coating production lines, which have a fairly stable production capacity. In addition to producing many series of products by ourselves, they can also perform back-adhesive processing according to the raw materials provided by customers and different needs. The company’s main tape products include LED packaging tape, polyimide high temperature labels for PCB, AB tape, printed circuit board (PCB) special red tape, PET spray masking Protective film, polyimide tape, high temperature masking tape, PET silicone Protective film, Nomex tape, hot-melt tape, tear tape, cold-pressed tape, braided paper tape, PET fixing tape, glass fiber tape, PTFE tape, etc. There are also release products such as silicon coating and fluorine coating, and various Laminating and die-cutting processing. Products are used in electronics, PCB, mobile phones, powder spraying, insulation and other industries. Main products Divided into PET protective film series, PE protective film series, no substrate series, conductive adhesive and flame retardant Adhesive column, acetate cloth tape series, PETDouble surface adhesive column, tissue paper double surface adhesive column, PI film tape series, conductive aluminum foil series, High-viscosity residual glue and high-viscosity non-residual Adhesive column, masking tape and other special series, etc.; uses cover general consumption, special, company, electronic appliances, automotive and optoelectronic high-tech industries.
     The company has multiple list coating production lines and various laminating, slitting and punching equipment. Years of experience in the production of adhesive products gives the company a strong development advantage and can develop various adhesive products in a timely manner in accordance with customer requirements.

      Relying on our accumulated experience in the past, we will increase the variety of products and expand the scale of production more quickly, continue to develop high-tech products, and consolidate our influence in the market.