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Die-cutting tape is made of polyester film Backing coated with Acrylic of moderate hardness, improved die-cutting and punching performance, and it is not easy to overflow under high temperature environment


Backing : PET film
Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner: Release paper or release film

Adhesion range: > 1000 g/25mm
Total thickness range(without Release liner): 0.01 mm ~  0.3 mm

Feature ■ Adhesive formulated for the convenience of customer die-cutting processing

■ Effectively overcome the problem of edge glue overflow and die sticking

■ It is suitable for direct winding of round knife die-cutting

■ Superior holding force and static shearing force: 80℃ / 25mmx25mm / hanging weight 1Kg/ 6Hrs: no falling, no sliding

Applications ■ Applicable to the process of slitting, list and die cutting

■ It is not easy to overflow glue, so that the die-cut roll material can be directly wound up

■ Electronic Insulation Applications