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PP film

Backing: PP film
Adhesive: Acrylic
Release liner: Release film or release paper
Description: Standard PP film is based on PP film as Backing, coated with acrylic adhesive and then laminated with a layer of Release liner on the adhesive surface
Features: ■ PP original film has strong toughness and is not easy to break
■ PPBacking has excellent flexibility and flexibility, suitable for corner pasting
■ Soft and easy to bend with stretchability
■ The temperature resistance of the original PP film can reach 100℃, and it is easy to close under high temperature.
■ Selection of PP original film thickness range: 0.05~0.1mm
■ Glue thickness and viscosity color can be customized
Adhesion: * 5 ~ 500  g/25mm
Backing thickness: 50μm/70μm/90μm
Total thickness(without release liner): 0.06 mm ~ 0.11 mm
Applications: ■ Suitable for surface protection of irregular products such as highlight and irregular surface
■ It is protected by a wide range of Applications
TY model: NB0-B, WNP50-LP, WNP505-P