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Heat resistant



Heat resistant tape is made of polyester film Backing coated with high temperature resistant Adhesive, which has good performance in high temperature environment (excellent high temperature retention)


Backing : PET film
Adhesive: Heat resistant adhesive
Release liner: Release paper or release film

Adhesion range: 1000 ~ 1500 g/25mm
Total thickness range(without Release liner): 0.01 mm ~ 0.3 mm

Feature ■ Short-term temperature resistance can reach 120℃, the tape will not decompose or change, long-term temperature resistance is 80℃

■ Excellent high temperature retention 120℃ x 24hrs: sliding <0.5mm

■ In the environmental aging test, the glue surface does not turn yellow, softens or reduces low Adhesion

■In the static shear test: 100℃ for any sliding, 120℃ sliding less than 1mm

Applications ■ Suitable for high temperature environment, such as radiator

■ Electronic Insulation Applications